Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Welt or Not?

The front of my latest project, another denim skirt for DD#1 (Burda Style 05-2010-130), has been waiting to be joined to the back. It has been taking up space on the worktable as I had not been able to make up my mind regarding the back pockets.

Burda Style 05-2010-130

Up until now, I have avoided sewing welts of any type. To me, welts seem delicate. You know - cutting into the very corner with a thread or two left for a seam allowance. I've thought they should be reserved for wool jackets and other garments that aren’t sent on frequent trips through the washer and dryer. Yet, that thinking must be irrational; I’ve gained some insight in my back pocket studies (yes, while in the checkout line at Costco and HEB). Welt pockets are used extensively on washable pants. I no longer can use fragility as my excuse. 

I pulled some sewing books from the file and have been reading up on single welt pocket construction. I have also found several online tutorials that deal with welts.

Ok, this pencil skirt will become my welt pocket experiment. To aliveate anxiety, I am limiting the experiment to one pocket as creating a matched pair could be beyond my current skill set. Oh, don’t worry - I am a woman equipped with fusible interfacing and Fray Check...besides, I’ll try it out on some scraps first.


  1. Lol, Tammy when you said you were a woman armed with fray check and fusible interfacing all I could imagine is a cowgirl with a holster at O-K corral! That was so funny! What is a welt pocket ? Will you be doing a tutorial ? Your skills are excellent and can't wait to see this next endeavor.
    Best Wishes,

  2. Thanks, Elise! The skirt is complete, including its single welt pocket. I hope to blog about it tomorrow. The pocket wasn’t difficult to construct but it was more involved than a patch pocket. Do a Google Image search on welt pockets and you will recognize them immediately. There is a very good chance that some of your own clothing has them. As for the tutorial – I think I need more experience sewing welt pockets before I’m qualified to do a tutorial. Here is a link for a double welt pocket tutorial:

  3. I love the back-pocket studies at HEB! Beautiful welt pocket. Your blog is truly inspiring. I'm so glad I found it!