Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shorts - Burda Style 03-2011-131B (Kinda)

I really like the Burda Style shorts I had made about amonth ago. I wear them every chance I get and have realized I should have another pair. I started with a blank canvas, using Burda Style 03-2011-131B, for the new ones.

Burda Style 03-2011-131B

It took three evenings, from tracing the pattern to pressing the last rivet in place, to complete them. I didn’t have a game plan, other than knowing I wanted to end up with wearable shorts. I made whatever changes I wanted and topstitched however/wherever I wished. I was amused and entertained. Still, it took three evenings.

Changes to the pattern:
  • Incorporated front pockets (from OOP Simplicity 7581)
  • Coverted back darts to a yoke (this pattern has fairly long back waist darts; I didn’t revise the length but simply placed the yoke seam at the end point of the darts - yeah, call it lazy...)
  • Added back patch pockets, belt loops and rivets to complete the jeans styling 
I enjoyed taking the basic pattern and modifying it. For instance, the back pocket topstitching was selected because I wanted an excuse to play with the Bernina bartack/buttonhole stitch. Like the front pockets, the pattern for the back pockets also came from Simplicity 7581. I eliminated the bottom point by folding it up to create a horizontal edge.
The fabric for the pocket lining is a 100% cotton Timeless Treasures offering named April in Paris. It came from

Sewing the same type of fabric repeatedly (this is project #9 from the roll) has its advantages, namely a chance to deal with some of my sewing issues. I’m finally figuring out the best way to bartack belt loops (ordinary clear tape, away from the stitching path, holds them in place until they can be stitched down) and exactly where to place the bottom of the zipper so there is enough room to topstitch the fly. And, I’m comfortable experimenting with welt pockets knowing there is plenty of matching fabric available if I make a fatal error.

The rivet press has worked perfectly. I think I’ll be making most of my jeans from now on and this a wonderful tool to have.

So far, each garment from the roll has been different and I think that will continue. The most distinctive garment has to be the Snowflake skirt. I hope to get some other photos soon.

Last week, I needed a new top to wear to a casual Easter brunch. There was just enough of this silk and cotton stretch twill leftover from a blouse I had made a year ago. The pattern is Stretch & Sew 1582 which is the same pattern that I had used for my purple Austin top.

Truly, it took longer adjusting the tension on the Bernina than it did to sew it up. Nothing fancy, but it was quick and I had something new to wear.

Next up? More welt pockets.


  1. I love these, every single one. They're all such great staples! Totally jealous, actually. The only staples I have are the three pairs of jeans I bought as JCPenney last winter. Whoo. Hoo.

    Also very jealous of the rivet setter! What a great gift you got!

  2. Cute shorts and I LOVE the snowflake skirt. You are rocking the welt pockets!

  3. You are so good with denim! I particularly like the skirt.

  4. This is great stuff, so inspiring. Denim is such a wonderful fabric to wear. Please tell me where is this pattern for the snowflake skirt? I think my daughter would love one.

  5. Julie, The pattern for the skirt is Burda Style 12-2009-122/123.

  6. You are doing so well with that roll of denim - I love what you are putting together from it - and who can argue with the opportunity to embellish without censure?

  7. Thanks Tammy, I have Burdas going back years so I will surely have that one here. You have me thinking I should order a roll of denim to add to the stash.