Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tammy Goes to Austin

I spent the day in Austin with DD#1 and DD#2. Come mid-morning, it was time for caffeine. Here I am at the coffee shop wearing my new outfit.

The pattern for the top is Stretch & Sew 1582 and it dates from 1978. I sewed View C using the View B short sleeve (or View B with the drawstring from View C-take your pick). The fabric came from either JoAnn’s or Hancock’s and was far enough in the past that I don’t remember which. Although polyester, it lacks the typical ick factor and is comfortable. Oh, and the center fronts do match up, just not in the photo...

The pants are Burda Style 02-2011-123A, downloaded from the BurdaStyle website. I cropped the leg and added the front jeans pocket from Simplicity 7581. The black cotton fabric likely came from Fabric Mart and I used scraps from the top for pocket lining. I didn't put any pockets, welts or otherwise, on the back; nor did I include the belt loops.

Burda Style 02-2011-123A
The top went together very quickly. The pants took longer as I had to incorporate the Simplicity pocket pieces into the pattern.

I’ve been having an easier time sewing pants lately. The only thing I am doing differently is cutting them two sizes smaller. I'm finally ignoring the measurements/sizing charts and going with what actually fits.

By the way, DD#1’s bird skirt has been finished and that rivet press is amazing! To keep her skirt different from her sister's, I used two colors of topstitching thread - red and gold. I also changed the shape of the back yoke and used a different front pocket – Simplicity 7581. Yeah, I like that pocket.

DD#1's life is on fast forward for the next few weeks, yet I’m hoping she will be able to model her new skirt for us. However, if she can’t, here is what it looks like:


I am officially done with the Ottobre bird. Have a wonderful week!


  1. You look great! I heart a peasant top, no doubt. Clearly they are timeless. Excellent!

    The pants look pretty sharp. Obviously that "cut two sizes smaller" thing is working for you. Also excellent!

    The skirt is, as usual, great.

    Man. I'm so feeling lazy now.

  2. Cute outfit! You look nice. It's good to see something you've made for yourself. Your daughters are very lucky to have a mom who can sew for them!

  3. Oh Tammy, you look fantastic ! I must make a similar outfit, it's so cute. I LOVE this picture of you.


  4. That bird pocket is to die for! Thanks for the inspiration!