Monday, September 13, 2010

There is a reason they give you instructions…

I woke up this morning determined to get the binder attachment going. On my previous attempts, I had skimmed over the instructions, looking primarily at the diagrams. Today, I actually read the instructions and realized the binder needed to be moved over a bit.  Once it was in the correct position, I ran another fabric strip through and it worked! Using a more stable fabric (a heavy cotton jersey knit) combined with having the binder in the right spot made the difference.
Thanks to Debbie at Stitches & Seams and Belinda at Sew-4-Fun, I knew that I wasn’t limited to using the Brother ½” double fold binder. So, a few days after ordering the Brother, I had also ordered an “A” style industrial binder on eBay. The "A" binder produces a less bulky binding. After getting the double fold binder working, I tried the industrial “A” version and it performed well, too.
Granted, there is a lot of room for improvement. The position of the industrial binder has to be fine-tuned to get the rows of stitching where they should be.  And, this sample was sewn with serger thread that is at least twenty years old, the thread nets haven't been installed and the foot pressure should to be looked at. However, I am tickled! This is going to work!

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