Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brother 2340CV - Getting Acquainted

Just when I had gotten my sewing things settled, the coverstitch shows up. I've resorted to placing it on the top of the Singer 66 cabinet. Though the cabinet hasn’t been refinished (the various products require plenty of ventilation and it has just been too hot outside), it will do for now.

Needless to say - the pants remain unsewn.
I am thrilled with the hems this machine produces! However, I am expecting that it will do t-shirt bindings, too.   I got the first part of it (the binding strip) figured out.  The fabric I was using curled and didn’t want to fold evenly.  It worked much better after I fused knit interfacing to the wrong side. I made lovely bound strips of fabric but totally failed in getting fabric sandwiched and sewn in with the binding.
Repetition is the mother of perfection.
Yeah, that's my new mantra....

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