Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Silhouettes Ralph's Pant, #3600

I have been working on the Silhouttes pants. From the hip down, the fit is fine. The waist, however, is too big (how can that be?). To make adjusting the center back and sides seams easier, I sewed the waistband pieces separately onto the pants pieces. I have discovered that this “not found in nature” fabric is slippery and wearing the pants with a belt will be necessary. The pants will need belt loops and that has provided the excuse to try out the belt loop folder that came with the coverstitch.
For the first attempt, I used the foot that the instructions recommend.  Yes, I read the instructions this time! And, to make it easier to analyze, I chose contrasting thread.  The results were less than wonderful so I thought I’d switch to the binder foot.
The binder foot has a guide along the edge that keeps the fabric aligned.  It didn’t make any difference.  Practicing did.
Now, I don’t know that you have to have one of these folders to make belt loops. You could pre-press the strip and then send it through the machine. The folder just makes it a little easier. I do like this attachment and I am looking forward to sewing another pair of jeans.
A few days ago, I went through some stored sewing patterns that I keep separate from my other patterns. In this group are patterns (mostly vintage) that, for one reason or another, I likely will not use but don’t want to get rid of. Anyway, this 1952 McCall’s dress pattern, a gift from my mother, was tucked in with the apron patterns. It is my size! Coming into Autumn, this dress may not be seasonable but I think it is next in line.

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