Sunday, December 18, 2011

Again with Burda 02-2007-129

Recently, I haven’t had large chunks of sewing time. I grab ten minutes here, twenty there and I really just wanted to sew something without any style or fit challenges. As it was, it took about two weeks to complete this pair of jeans. Using a pattern that already had the kinks worked out was golden.

Burda 02-2007-129

The waist is good: not too high, not too low. I can’t say that the front pockets are total perfection but they ain’t bad either…and big enough to actually be useful.

I did change up the back pockets as I really liked the shape and size of the pockets (from Burda 8059) I’d sewn on my recent Burda 7284 jeans. I felt this pocket pattern deserved to go another round.  My trusty Clover pocket curve template made quick work of the corners.

I was able to enjoy sewing. Mindlessly. Yes, check out the zipper topstitching. I’d forgotten to topstitch the seam before sewing in the zipper. No seam ripper was going to spoil my fun and so I just did the best I could after the fact…

I have spent the past several months figuring out how to sew myself pants. Next, I want to tackle the classic shirt. Thanks to the BML (Bernina My Label) software, I do possess a shirt pattern that fits (see this posting).  There truly isn’t a need to chase other patterns. And, even if there were, I already possess several; enough that I should be forbidden from buying any more…

My BML shirt pattern works but could be tweaked. The most obvious issue is the sleeve cap - there is a bit more ease than necessary on the back. Common sense tells me to take scissors to the pattern, even out the cap and see what happens.

I sewed lots of denim in 2011. May 2012 be the year of the shirt…


  1. Just this morning, I thought of your blog and wondered if you would post soon. Nice to see this entry.
    Your top-stitching is gorgeous.
    If you take on shirts, I will be looking forward to equally beautiful results.

  2. Great looking pants and I love the stitching at the fly front.

  3. Wow! Your stitching on the zipper fly looks fabulous!