Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grainline Studio Scout Tee

I purchased the Grainline Studio Archer Button Up Shirt pattern eons ago. I even went so far as to print it out though the sheets never got taped together. Doesn't matter now as I need a smaller size and besides, it is just too hot to think of sewing (much less wearing) a long sleeved shirt. So, still wanting to try something from Grainline Studio, I choose the Scout Tee. It is designed for woven fabrics.

Length Adjustment
I knew when trying the pattern on my dress form that it needed to be a tad bit longer and I'd be happier with a longer sleeve. I added an inch to both and got on with putting it together. This sews up just as fast as a knit t-shirt. I had a late start and it was near midnight when I put the finished top on the dress form and saw that it was too big. Surprised, because I chose the size based on my bust measurement and was really expecting it to be too small, I just trimmed off the pattern pieces for the next size down and cut another Scout out of the same fabric. The fit of this one is what I was expecting.  I'm happy with the length tweak and the sleeves are still summer short but with coverage I'm comfortable wearing. A definite win.

Sleeve Length Adjustment
The only thing I did differently from the instructions is how I handled the bias neckline strip. First, I stitched the short ends of the strip together to form a ring, then folded it in half and matched the raw edges of the strip to the raw edge of the neckline. I stitched, trimmed and under stitched before sewing the binding down. I felt it was easier and looks nice too. Next time, I may cut the strip 1/2" wider, but maybe not as this is a clean finish. Wider might be clunky.

This fabric is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Normandy blue cotton ombré and has been in the stash for a long time. I'm pretty sure it came from Like most of my fabrics, I bought it not having a plan and, knowing me, must have been offered at a wonderful price. There is some leftover so back to the stash it goes...

In case you haven't noticed, my sewing of late consists of simple, easy to construct pieces. For tops, the fabric is the star. Give me a few months and this could change. Instant gratification or it isn't going to happen - no fancy details. Basic. Simple. Comfortable.

This pattern is destined to use up the smaller pieces hanging around and those silk and silk wanna-be types too.

I wish I had sewn this much, much sooner!


  1. Pretty! Like the colors of the fabric. Looks nice and cool for these hot temps we've been having here in N central Texas.

  2. I have some of the same fabric, aging in my stash. I love the way it looks in your Grainline tee.

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