Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

The only sewing I’ve done since moving is to add some quick-fix elastic to the inside of a skirt that became too big. Too big on me? Yes, along with reducing my belongings, I’m also reducing the size of my body. This move caused me to want to clean up my life inside and out. To date, lots of furniture, dishes, books, clothing, and about twenty pounds are gone.

When trying to figure out what I wanted to do food-wise, I kept returning to the book Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, written by Joel Furhman. What he says makes sense to me and I especially like that I don't need to measure, weigh or record what I eat. The plan is plant-based (though allows for small amounts of dairy and meat). No added oil or salt and yet, for the very first time in my life, I’m not constantly hungry looking for junk to consume. Agreed, this is a drastic change. Also, I admit that I do use a bit of olive oil and salt. However, my blood pressure is down along with my blood glucose readings. Haven’t had my cholesterol checked yet, but there is a very good chance that that has improved too. The weight loss is a wonderful “oh, by the way” benefit.

In organizing my tiny pantry closet, I started totally over. Gone is the sugar, flour, boxed cereal (kept the oatmeal), chips, canned soups, etc. I bought some canning jars and filled them with raw cashews, walnuts, dried beans of all sorts and other basic, real foods. My refrigerator got a makeover too and is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Spices follow me home from Penzeys. Kale has become my friend. I want a Blendtec blender...

I have always enjoyed cooking, and this new way of eating has given me reason to search and attempt many new-to-me recipes. Just like sewing bloggers, vegan bloggers are very kind and generous in sharing their knowledge. I keep finding recipes for things I had never heard of before, much less tried. For example, yesterday I made a pudla. Have you ever heard of a pudla? Well, if you haven’t, a pudla is a garbanzo bean flour pancake filled with vegetables. The one I made had baby spinach, mushrooms, and onions. Delicious and will become a regular. Don't get me started about chia seeds...

My clothes are baggy and need to be replaced. Style Arc patterns are my favorites but how annoying to have them available in single sizes only. I’m going take a shot at modifying them and if that doesn’t work, I’ll look to my multi-sized BurdaStyle, Ottobre Woman and Jalie assortment.

Oh, I have been working. Currently, I'm at a company in Uptown, working on a special project. It will likely be completed by the end of the month. I have no idea what will come after that, but I am trying to think of all of these changes as an adventure and not be anxious. And really, even with all of the struggles of the past few months, I have laughed a lot!

It is daunting how much sorting and organizing there is yet to do. In addition, daughter #2 is getting married in March and I have known for many months the date of the wedding. Do I have a proper mother-of-the-bride dress? No, I do not.

She also has asked for the quilt I had been making before the move. It will be perfect for her bridal shower gift.

I better get busy...

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss and the good changes you have made in your life. These things are so hard to do, self-discipline is a real struggle. Keep up the good work and you will feel wonderful in your MOB dress at the wedding. Looking forward to your new wardrobe.