Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Two of the strips are quilted, one more to go and I think I have an idea of what is supposed to be happening. Only I am not there yet as my stitch quality could be better.

And, no doubt, I am breaking all sorts of other quilting rules – some I know about and some I have yet to discover. It doesn’t matter…the mismatched colors, patterns, and off-grain pieces tickle me.

Known rules broken:

  • Total disregard for color and print harmony in chosen fabrics
  • No pre-shrinking of the cotton batting yet the cotton fabrics went through the washer and dryer (by the way, this was a conscious decision)
  • Not utilizing a stitch regulator for the FMQ (does one even exist for the Bernina 930 Record? I would use one if I had one…)
  • Stitching with 100% cotton machine quilting thread vs. a polyester or polyester/cotton machine quilting thread (polyester = superior strength)
Oh, well…I love how this quilt is turning out!

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