Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pleated Cropped Jeans - Burda 11-2009-122

This pair of cropped jeans has been finished since Sunday. Well, almost finished, as I didn’t get around to sewing the tops of the belt loops onto the waistband until last night. I wore them to the office today and I have to tell you, that due to the comfort provided by the pleats and the handy front pockets, this is my favorite pair! I intend to make other versions of this pattern, both full-length and cropped.

Burda 11-2009-122

Along with the usual jeans topstitching, the other departures from the pattern included the addition of back patch pockets, rivets and a cropped length.

The back pockets came from Lekala 5066, yet another free pattern download. I randomly dialed up an embroidery stitch on the Bernina and kept it simple by embroidering only one horizontal line. I’m learning if I get my pockets too busy, it is more difficult to coordinate tops. Simple just blends better. The shape of this pocket appeals to me and I’ve put a copy of the pattern into my pocket file.

If I don’t sew some new tops soon, I’m going to have to pay a visit to La Cantera. Even so, I think it’s a pretty good bet you’ll be seeing more denim here…


  1. LOVE them! That's also one of my fav pocket shapes too - so much so that I've probably overused it. ;-)

  2. More fantastic denim trousers! Can't wait to see your tops ;-)

  3. These are really cute cropped jeans. The details are fantastic!