Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shorts Again! Burda Style 05-2010-135

Denim shorts are quickly becoming my preference when I want to wear something casual. This is the third pair from the roll and I opted to use Burda Style 05-2010-135 again because I already know the pattern fits well and I’ve discovered that I like those nifty in-seam pockets.

Burda Style 05-2010-135

I actually use the front pockets on my shorts and pants. However, like most women, I rarely (if ever) use the back ones. Just because I don’t does not keep me from sewing them on my garments anyway. It doesn’t make sense, but there it is.

To make my new shorts different from the first pair I’d made from this pattern, I added back pockets, belt loops, rivets and plenty of topstitching.

The back pocket pattern comes from Burda 007-E005-DL, a free pants pattern offered on the German Burda site. Don’t quote me, but it seems that there are some free patterns there that aren’t on BurdaStyle. I haven’t tried the pants pattern yet, but that back pocket, minus the flap, caught my attention. Sure, I could have drawn my own pocket but printing one was painless.

Burda 007-E005-DL

I had fun with the rivets. In fact, I applied them as I went this time, not waiting until the end. It didn’t make it any easier, but I was amused. After the first ones went on, it struck me that the reason I hadn’t used this sequence before was those little bits of metal have the potential to scratch the paint on the Bernina. Next time (if there is a next time) I’ll cover the rivets with masking tape. I just didn’t think about it this round.

The denim has been a big help in getting me over my resistance to Burda Style pants patterns, but so far I haven’t sewn any Burda tops. I simply don’t know what size to begin with - though it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. I just need take some time, pull out my BML (Bernina My Label) patterns and compare. I could do with some new summer tops so it looks like this will be happening soon.


  1. You are really rocking that bolt of denim. Cute shorts! I put pockets on my back too - even though I never use them- because my butt has slid into oblivion and I like to pretend I still have some shaping there. Hope that is not too much information for you.

  2. More awesome denim! The shorts are a winner. I like the funky pockets on the back.

  3. Love them! The pockets are fun, and like you, I always put them on and then never use them. It's all about cuteness.

  4. I really like the looks of your shorts! Think I'm going to copy yours, OK?